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Return Fire
SEGA Genesis
Radical Rex

Our team presented Return Fire on 3DO with high marks in Issue #24 for demonstrating some excellent innovation in the action-strategy department. But, did you know this disc has a hidden debug screen? Once in a new game, bring up the map selection page and press Up to access the password entry. Enter "WOLF" and you have immediate access to all game levels! Even better, by holding L and R and pressing Start in any stage, the debug window will appear with an assortment of options.


Though far from a superb side-scroller, Radical Rex from Activision may have its fans looking for a quick way to move forward. By punching in this handy combination, you will be able to access a secret level select window. On the player-select screen, grab the Player 2 controller and press A, C, Down, Right, Up, and B. You should now see the range levels to pick from, even the bonus levels! It's a great way to speed through if you only have a rental cart at your disposal.

Super Nintendo
Earthworm Jim
SEGA Genesis
Mortal Kombat II

Earthworm Jim is a excellent time, representing the best of 16-Bit tech and pushing the limits of both SNES and Genesis. It can be a tough nut to crack, however. Here's a little help for players in need of a special workaround. At any time in the game, enter in the following: Pause, Left + A, B, X, A, A, B, X, A, Start. If done correctly, it should take you straight to an options screen. Now you can enable Cheat Mode for invincibility, Map View to see the entire level, and Start Level to pick any stage to begin from.


Last time we gave you some secret info to unlock extra modes in MK II on SNES. To accomplish the same task on Genesis, go to the Options menu on the main screen. With the cursor over "Done!" press Left, Down, Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right. A new option for "Test Modes" will appear, opening up a new range of debug codes to explore. Choose No Damage modes, Free Play to enjoy unlimited credits, Battleplan for a quick and easy ladder skip, or 1 Hit Kill to keep battles short.

Super Nintendo
Mortal Kombat II
SEGA Genesis
Dyamite Headdy

Let's cut to the chase. At the "Choose Your Fighter" screen, quickly enter the following codes to achieve the desired result. You will hear a drum-like chime to confirm the code has been entered in correctly. Try out code combos by entering in bunches at once! For one-hit "Danger Mode", enter Down, Up, Right, Up, Left, Select. To add fatality time, press Up, Up, Left, Up, Down, Select. To play the Ninja Noob Sailbot, try Left, Up, Down, Down, Right, Select. Finally, hit Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Select for 30 Credits.


Headdy is tons of fun, but it can get tiresome playing the first level over and over without respite. That tutorial is useful the first time, but we only needed it once! To skip all that crud, press Start at the Title Screen. Now, enter in C, A, Left, Right B. Hear that nifty voice clip? If so, you've done it! Hit Start at this point, and you'll have full access to the library of stages. All you have to do is pick the level and hit Start again to begin! We can finally see that final Boss in all of its glory!

Super Nintendo
King of Dragons
SEGA Genesis

While adventuring throughout the mythical world of King of Dragons, the SNES conversion of a fairly decent beat-em-up arcade cab, it's plenty easy to find oneself out of lives and forced to endure a restart. With this handy trick, you can skip that nonsense and keep on playing 'til your heart's content. After having been downed by an enemy and greeted with the Continue slide, press Start on Controller Two and swiftly hit Start on Controller One. Pick your renewed brawler and - Kaboom! - 99 Credits will be yours!


Shadowrun, the mature-rated game from BlueSky Software, is all about living life in a cybernetic dystopia. Hacking into the computerized Matrix is a mainstay, so likewise players can hack into the game code itself to add in some fun. Once the logo appears on the title screen, press A, B, B, A, C, A, and B. Now start a standard game, open up the Pocket Secretary, and an odd, blank option will be selectable. Welcome to the secrets screen! Heal all damage, add karma, and plenty more. "Use at your own risk!"

SEGA Genesis
Castlevania Bloodlines
Super Nintendo
Spike McFang

Konami's Castlevania Bloodlines is a bone-chilling action title which fits splendidly in the spooky chronology. Here is a neat secret to unlock even more potential from this ghastly hit. Select the Options menu on the main title screen and set the SE to 73 and BGM to 5. Press Start, wait for the logo to appear, and then hit Start again. Now, enter in the famous Contra Code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. If you now select Options, you will be able to choose Expert mode and nine lives!


As indicated by our review back in June, our team got a real kick out of Spike McFang on SNES. Since printing our thoughts on this cart, we discovered a hidden trick to unlock a two-player mode! On the title screen, enter the following: Down, B, Left, B, Up, Y, Right, Y. Next, begin the game and defeat Felina, the first castle boss. Once Rudy emerges to rescue you and departs for the town, you can use Controller Two to play as Rudy! Instant co-op fun for your enjoyment!

Super Nintendo
Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Atari Jaguar

As you experience the thrills and chills of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, the killer co-op shooter from Konami, you may be surprised to learn about a secret bonus stage hidden behind the scenes. All you need to do is go to the Password Screen and punch-in "BCDF". Your new game will start directly on this bonus round, granting access to tons of power-up items which are sure to help greatly on your perilous rescue missions. Maybe you'll now reach a stage further than before! Beating the game may be a bit tougher.


Raiden on Jaguar is a stellar, arcade-perfect port of the magnificent vertically scrolling shooter game. Its later levels can pose a nasty headache for some, so here's a helpful trick to get you through the toughest of dogfights. Upon reaching the end boss of Stage 1, hold down the 1, 4, 7, 3, 6, and 9 Buttons, then press Option. Now, when done right, a chime will play on the TV. And lookie there: Unlimited lives! Get blasting those nefarious Crystals, players, and have some fun!

Super Nintendo
Wolfenstein 3-D
Super Nintendo
Rocky Rodent

Being based on a PC game does have its advantages! Imagineer's port of Wolfenstein on SNES is no exception, bringing with it a slew of cheats hidden behind a top-secret method. Here's the scoop: Plug in Controller 2 and start up the game. Hold the R button on Controller 2 right away, and keep it held until you hit the title screen. Now start-up your run in Normal Mode and press Start. Now try B, Up, B, A for invincibility, R, Up, B, A for free ammo, or Up, B, R, B to clear the stage! Not too shabby.


Rocky Rodent is one in the array of Sonic-styled mascot platform games. We at PPM found the game a bit too dull to grant it a complete review, but for cart-owners needing a bit of a boost, here's a neat tip we discovered. As soon as you reach the title card and see Rocky himself dashing acrossthe screen, grab your controller and enter in Y, A, Right, A, B, A. Now, on the Options screen, you can change the number of Continues to "?", or unlimited! Play on as long as you please.

Super Nintendo
TMNT Tournament Fighters
Game Boy
Wario Land

Fighting games are always chock full of mysteries and passwords aplenty. The celebrated Ninja Turtles fighter on SNES is no exception! On Controller Two, enter the High Speed code on the title screen. Easy to remember since it's the extra lives code in Contra!: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Next, input X, Up, Y, Left, B, Down, A, Right, X, Up. Now press forward to the VS. Battle, and you'll notice Karai and Rat King have been unlocked! Go get your fight on!


The dastardly treasure hunter (and castle thief!) himself stars in the new Wario Land title on Game Boy. It may not be the toughest of games, but encounter a single Game Over and you'll lose one of your secret treasure items. To retrieve the item once again, you have the option to return to the level where you originally found it, and unearth the secret just as you did the first time. Better keep track of those treasures or you'll be replaying the same stages over and over for the rest of time!

Super Nintendo & Genesis
SEGA Genesis

'Lo and behold, NBA Jam at home is near arcade-perfect. It's also chock full of secrets and fun oddities. For a ride around the presidential circuit, enter this code on the initials screen: "ARK". As you highlight the "K", press the Start+L+X Buttons on SNES or Start+B on Genesis. Now, you can play as President Bill Clinton! Take things even further by using "NET" to play as Vice President Al Gore, taking the same procedure as Willy. These leaders can adopt any players' stats, too.


Navigating the streets of Agrabah and tackling the scary sand dunes can be a chore. Here's a tip to skip past any section of the game you may be stuck on! While playing a level in-game, pause by selecting Start. Now, press A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A. A chime will play to indicate the passcode was entered in correctly. Then, voila, the screen will immediately fade to the "Level Complete" slide and you will continue onto the next level! You can do it over and over and over...

Super Nintendo
Pocky & Rocky
Mad Dog McCree

Natsume pulled no punches in localizing this run-and-gun to the states, meaning players will be up for quite the challenge. It may not have a password system, but with this simply trick, you can skip stages! On the selection screen, hold the X and Y buttons down. While holding, hit A four times, B four times, then A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B. Now begin your game by pressing Start, and you'll have free reign to select any level you wish. Resume wherever you left off or skip far ahead - even to the final boss stage!


To overcome the roughest, toughest shooters in the wilderness, players may need a helping hand. Though there's no known tip to recruit Wyatt Earp to your side, there is a fun trick to avoid starting the entire game over when you're killed. When in a gunfight, press Start after you've been shot. You must do this one mega quick! If the mortician appears, you're too slow! By hitting Start, you can click Continue to rewind the game a tad before your fateful injury. Keep up that gunslingin', partner!

Super Nintendo
Super Mario All-Stars

Here's a classic hint for Super Mario Bros. 3 as part of the All-Stars collection on Super NES. Once you reach World 1-3, look for the white, rectangular block near the end of the stage. Stand on it and press Down to duck. After a few seconds Mario will drop right through the block and into the background. Run straight to the exit and you'll be given a bonus warp whistle for your trouble! Now press Start to Save and Quit, and once you re-enter, try this method over again for extra whistles!


Silpheed is a tricky shooter to get used to, especially if you're new to the genre. If you wish to avoid a Game Over, keep playing until you're down to your final Continue (01 on the title screen). Now just hold tight until the game demo starts up, and as soon as it does press Right, Up, A, B, C, Left, Left, Down, C, A, and Start. Back on the opening screen, you'll now notice that your Continue count has jumped to 10! Best of all, you can repeat this cheeky trick as often as you'd like!

Super Nintendo
Final Fight 2
SEGA Genesis
Fatal Fury

Ever get in a fight with your best pal cause you both want to play as Haggar? With this little trick, those arguments are a thing of the past. When you flip the game on and get to the title card, press Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, and then L and R simultaneously. Now head into the 2-Player option and - presto! Player 2 may pick whichever character they wish, followed up by Player 1. Meet Haggar times Two (or Maki/Carlos, whomever suits your preferred play style), now with fresh duds!


The Genesis conversion of Fatal Fury was a commendable effort as developers tweaked the acclaimed Neo Geo title for Sega, but this fighter stayed tough as nails in one-player mode. For a boost, try holding A and B while pressing C when you've reached the continue screen. By using this handy code, you'll be able to increase your total credits back up to 9 at any time! Also try holding A while pressing Left on the Time Limit selection at the Options screen for unlimited time!

Super Nintendo
SEGA Genesis

Konami's cyber-mech hit is loads of fun, but it can get very difficult, very fast! To make things a bit easier, press and hold Down, Up, L & R on the title screen. Then press Start. Now keep those buttons held down and press Start once more. Go ahead and enter a new game, and you'll find 6 bonus credits to continue playing and avoid that crushing Game Over screen! No signs of an invincibility cheat, but we'll try to uncover some more secrets!


It's always a treat when platform games let you enter in a code to resume where you left off. Unfortunately X-Men is lacking in that area. Rest assured, there is a secret Stage Select screen! Press and hold Down, A, and C as the game boots up. At the title screen, press Start, switch your controller to port 2, and hit Start again. Now back to port 1, and press Start. In the control room press Down on the panel you wish to warp to and then jump!

Super Nintendo
Batman Returns
Wonder Dog

The Dark Knight may take one too many punches while protecting the streets of Gotham on Super NES. For a little pick-me-up to assist in stopping the perilous Penguin, try out these top secret codes. To start the game with a max total of 9 Lives, go to the Options screen and on the 2-Player gamepad press the following: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Or for 9 Continues, hit: Up, X, Left, Y, Down, B, Right, A, Up, X.


The JVC port of Wonder Dog is a fun lil' adventure for younger gamers, but some may still find parts of the game too challenging - or, maybe you just wanna skip ahead! On the title screen, scroll down to "PASSWORD". Then, enter in any one of the following passcodes to transport you to the appropriate level. Level 2: "Mystic". Level 3: "Ankles". Level 4: "Ledzep". Level 5: "Reeves". Level 6: "Pixies". Level 7/Final: "Woopie".

Super Nintendo
Super Star Wars

SEGA Genesis
Ecco The Dolphin

JVC's vision of the George Lucas space epic has a few secret tidbits you oughtta know about. There is a hidden Sound Test within the game that may be accessed by holding down A, B, X, and Y, then pressing Start. But enough with the boring stuff. These will help you win the game faster! For Extra Continues, on the title screen press X, B, B, A, Y. OR for an unlimited Light Saber cheat, press Y, Y, X, X, A, B, X, A, then Start! You'll hear a chime to confirm it's done right. Get blastin' those womp rats!


If you have found this gem a tad difficult and would like a smidge of cheat-y assistance, look no further. When you begin the game, guide Ecco to the left of the screen to bring up the Password Entry. Here you may enter the phrase "SHARKFIN" and our dolphin friend will have infinite air and sonar! If you'd also like Ecco to be invulnerable to all damage, simply hold A and Start when you begin the game, keep holding when Ecco appears, then press Start to unpause and - Voila!

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