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  Issue #4  
  March/April 1993  

Cover Article

Star Fox

An in-depth look at the Super-FX Chip wonder on the SNES, a strategy guide for the first few levels, and our thoughts on the future of space shooters.


Issue Spotlight & Features

3DO System Announcement

A premier take on the 3DO written just after the exciting reveal event in New York.

Slime of the Season

The Winter '93 Slime Award goes to Back to the Future III on Genesis for awful gameplay and uninspired design.

On-The-Go Column

The PPM Crew discusses the state of portable gaming and the lovely port of Sonic 2 on GameGear.

The Review Station

  • Tiny Toon Adventures (SNES)
  • The Lost Vikings (SNES)
  • Wayne's World (SNES)
  • Superman (GEN)
  • Chakan (GEN)
  • Wolfchild (SEGA CD)
  • Make My Video (SEGA CD)
  • The Jetsons (NES)
  • Super Mario Land 2 (GB)

PPM Preview Corner

  • Final Fight CD (SEGA CD)
  • Star Fox (SNES)
  • Yoshi's Cookie (SNES)


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