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The Review Station is PyroPlayers Magazine's home for in-depth game reviews, showcases, and deep-dives. PPM Net Edition is updated monthly with two hot reviews, typically reserved for our favorite titles of the month.



Our hub for mini-reviews and quick looks is Snapshot avenue. Each and every issue of PPM is packed with 12 Snapshots for an array of newly released games on platforms ranging from the Jag to the Game Gear.


For a gaze into the future, check out the PPM Preview Corner. This section of the mag includes our forecast into tomorrow's world of games. From the instant we confirm a new title and have some screenshots, we are here!



For an in-depth look into the realm of fantasy, strategy, and role-playing, look no further than the Adventurer's Guild. Since its introduction in January '94, the Guild houses an assortment of intriguing adventure games.


Which games have the absolute best soundtracks? Which scrolling-shooter game is the greatest of all time? When it comes to counting down our picks for these categories and more, the #1 spot is PPM Top Ten.



Have you ever played a game so thoroughly rotten that you'd rather just toss it in the trash? We've dedicated this section exclusively for those nasties. Welcome to the Slime of the Season, the worst kind of award show.