Worm TV Time

The life and times of everyone's favorite worm-turned-hero is about to be cartoon-ized! The WB network is set to begin airing an animated show based on the smash hit video game Earthworm Jim. It will premier this fall on an all-new Saturday morning block titled Kids WB, alongside a Sylvester & Tweety series and Steven Spielberg's Freakazoid!, from the Animaniacs studio.


Jungle Jamin'

If you too were thoroughly blown away by the brilliant soundtrack of Donkey Kong Country, prepare to get in the groove with a home release. Nintendo is now producing a DK JamZ CD as a special promotional item. It will be fully loaded with all of those nifty tunes created by David Wise and Rare Ltd sound engineers. Let's see if video game music can make it all the way to Sam Goody!bonusbulb



Daytona USA for SATURN
Special Horse Mode

Clockwork Knight for SATURN
Level Select Screen

Virtua Racing for GENESIS
Reversed Tracks


Web Updates for September 

Welcome to our favorite month! This month marks the 3rd Anniversary of PyroPlayers Magazine and we are thrilled to continue our multi-year run alongside you, our dedicated Net readers. Stay subscribed as we trek down the tricky boulevard that is the next-generation. On September 9th, the Sony PlayStation made its official launch in North America. Our team scored a system, as well as all 11 of its launch titles! As we try to pry our reviewers away from the tv set, check two long-form reviews on PS-X games in The Review Station. First up are Ridge Racer and Rayman. Take a peek at the Snapshots site for a look at some more Sony games including Toshinden, as well as three more Saturn hits!

Web Updates for Summer

July kicks off with our round-up reviews for the most exciting entry for console, yet! As Mr. Kalinske announced at the E3 Conference, Sega has released the Saturn early! With the systems on store shelves, our team ran to the nearest electronics store and snagged a few. In this issue, we take a look at the new console in all of its glory, as well as a few titles available for it. Full coverage of the Saturn launch can be seen on the Spotlight site. Over at the the PPM Snapshots, take a look at three hot Saturn games: Virtua Fighter, Clockwork Knight, and Daytona USA! As always we also have highlight reviews for newly-released SNES and Genesis games, including dual versions of Judge Dredd.


Web Updates for June

Summertime is back, baby! Now that the much-anticipated Electronic Entertainment Expo is all wrapped-up, our team is prepared with loads of news to share. But, first, we have a collection of sparkling-new games reviews. This month's featured reviews explore two excellent Super Nintendo experiences: An oddball, Big N-published RPG called Earthbound and a swift-moving ninja platformer, Hagane. See both over at The Review Station. Inside the home for quick takes, the PPM Snapshots, see our new release coverage from Tempo on 32X to Core Design's Skeleton Krew for Genesis. Our two-issue long E3 highlight will begin with a Spotlight piece on the best announcements. An afforable PlayStation? Early-release Saturn? An invisible Ultra 64? Wow!

Web Updates for May

As school starts to wrap up and graduation ceremonies are underway, we here at PyroPlayers Magazine are celebrating our 25th Issue this May! We're happier than Luke Perry is to ditch 90210! This month, Sega's red-haired echidna will star in his very own adventure. Knuckles' Chaotix has hit the scene for 32X - but can it revive interest in Sega's add-on? See our full review for this title, as well as a brand-new Enix RPG called Ogre Battle within The Review Station. Meanwhile, our team put together 12 spankin' new Snapshots for your reading enjoyment, including a look at the new Kirby cart. Be sure to peek at the Preview Corner for some 32-Bit goodness, too. Lots to come as we brace for the big Expo. Expect an online-exclusive piece to cover any big announcements. Stay tuned!


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