Euro-Tunes or Euro-Snooze?

One of our guilty pleasures here at PyroPlayers is engaging with the infamous Eurovision competition each year. May has returned, and with it, the strange and eccentric bands representing a host of nations - like the Olympics, only talent isn't required. Last year's festivities were won by Ireland's Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan for the agonizingly depressing "Rock n Roll Kids". Hope they pump up the volume this time and allow for some fun music, again!

Paranormal is the New Normal

Curious about strange and unknown mysteries? Take a visit to The Shadowlands, a new website offering glimpses into mysterious creatures, UFO sightings, and spooky ghost stories. There are some answers we may never have, but for everything else, there's the internet!

Time to Find Our E.T.

Our local science wiz, Mark Legend (Sega Shooter Fan), informs us that at an observatory site in Australia, the new Project Phoenix will explore the stars for extraterrestrial signals. Let's hope we find the friendly kind. I'd much rather our friends 'down under' discover Mork than the Xenomorph Queen.

Happy New Year!

We'd like to wish our readers a happy and prosperous new year as we head deeper into the future. New tech is on the way, with more games and reviews to match! Did everyone see Salt-n-Pepa on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year special? They outshined Hootie, that's for sure.

Street Fighter the Movie

After a long, long wait, Steven de Souza's Street Fighter, based on the hit arcade game, will be released in theaters nationwide this Christmas! If you haven't seen the trailer yet, it will surely blow your mind. Here's hoping Guile, Ryu, and Ken can take down M. Bison with a hadouken or two.

Marvel Action Hour

For all you superhero comics fans out there, you may already be in the know - but for the rest of us, it's super cool news that a new TV block has premiered dedicated solely to the animated adventures of Iron Man and The Fantastic Four. Check your local listings as the station may differ.

Led Zeppelin Unplugged

MTV aired its newest unplugged concert in October, featuring a reunited Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. May not be a killer deal to you kiddos, but some of old fogeys remember that golden age in music. Thankfully, this one turned out way better than the disaster at LiveAid.

MS Paint Web Tool

Wish you could edit or create in Microsoft Paint but use a different operating system? Well now you can! Thanks to the programming ability of Isaiah Odhner of CanvasPaint, everyone can now access the software in your web browser! Click on the title and check it out :)

Featurette: A Primer

In this block, a section we admirably call the "Bonus Featurette," our editors will type up smaller, highlights pertaining to a multitude of topics. Everything from a hot new website to a reunion of our favorite hair metal band, be sure to check this column each week!

Web Updates for May!

We have a few lil' updates coming your way for the month of May '95! First we've added a "Review By Console" block in our Player Sitemap at the bottom of each page, making it even easier to find console-specific game reviews. Next, for each review we've posted, the scoring card has been upgraded to reflect our new category-based system. Also check out the latest Mag Cover in our Cover Gallery and take a peek at the new navigation arrows in Slime Town!

May/June Reviews and Previews

Each of our mag's game previews and reviews from the May/June '93 issue are all up and roaring! Take a look at our brand new review scoring system. From now on we will score games based on four criteria; gameplay, graphics, sound, and the overall package. Star Fox, of course, earns 5 out of 5 in the graphics category, but its gameplay can be a touch repetitive (don't send hate mail!). We thought this was a fairer way to rate titles rather than a flat 1-5 metric.

Spotlight: Nintendo vs. Sega: Batman Returns

The newly uploaded Spotlight from our May/June issue back in 1993 features our very first try at the Nintendo vs. Sega column. We chose to begin this approach with differing versions of Tim Burton's Batman Returns on the SNES and the Genesis. Funny enough, our staff was a bit divided on which game was truly superior.

Web Updates for April!

This is no April Fool's prank! We've updated a handful of web site pages a bit ahead of schedule. Over on our ever-slimy Slime of the Season page, we've posted the Quarter 2 Slime winner. The new Tips N Tricks web-block below now features a segment from Sega's Ecco. Finally, PPM is planning a new scoring system that will be retroactively upgrade all reviews starting May/June 1993. Stay tuned, players!

PyroPlayers Mag Cover Gallery

We've added a brand-new page to our website: Our Cover Gallery. This page, accessible from the side bar, will house our archived magazine cover art. Psst, it may take time to load due to the large image sizes!

March/April Reviews and Previews

We've posted our game reviews and previous for Mar/Apr of 1993. This time we take a look at Tiny Toons on the SNES, Wolfchild for Sega-CD, and piece together the marvel that is Nintendo's Star Fox!

Spotlight: 3-D-O Announcement

Check out the spotlight feature on the initial reveal of the 3DO video game system. It is ripped directly from our March '93 issue. Relive the glorious, $700 hype.

Louder, Please!

Nintendo is on-pace to release their brand-new line of Game Boy systems, now in technicolor (the outer shells, not the screens just yet)! Their extensively hyped "Play It Loud!" series is scheduled for March 20th. See our latest printed issue for more details.

January/February Reviews and Previews

We've posted our game reviews and previous for Jan/Feb of 1993. Also be sure to check out the January Edition of "Slime of the Month!"

November/December Reviews and Previews

We've posted our game reviews and previous for Nov/Dec of 1992. This month we've included our Player's thoughts on Super Mario Kart and Sonic the Hedgehog 2!

Spotlight: Super NES CD

Check out the spotlight feature on the Super NES CD add-on! It is ripped directly from our November '92 issue, with all of the hopes and dreams we had for that beloved vaporware.

PyroPlayers 1.0 is Here!

The official PyroPlayers website is now completely stocked with our October '92 reviews and previews, and the October Slime of the Month will be up shortly! We expect to have the November round-up all set by this weekend too! If you'd like to leave us any feedback, check the Guestbook link on our Contact Us Page or send us electronic mail!

October Reviews and Previews

Our site has been updated with the video game reviews and previews for October of 1992. These are ripped straight from the original '92 mag, but now updated with gnarly state-of-the-art graphics and a 1-5 ratings scale. Remember, for the newest game reviews, be sure to pick up our printed edition. Otherwise, buckle in as we flash back to some of the best from 1992 and on!

SpotLight: Information Super Highway

What is the Internet all about anyway? Is it really all that it's cracked up to be? Check out our latest full feature and see for yourself - Just click the title or the Spotlight button on the side bar.

10.21 PyroPlayers Website Launches!

Extra! Extra! PyroPlayer on NeoCities is open for testing! Our official launch will not take place until development has been completed, but stay tuned as we provide daily updates toward PyroPlayers Site 1.0!! Until then, keep playing!

News Room: A Primer

In "News Room" we will supply you with the latest news striking the world of video games, including routine updates on this very website! We plan bi-monthly uploads from our printed mags: Spotlights, Reviews, Previews and, of course, our Slime of the Season. Whenever we have news, we will notify you of a link to the right web page.

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